Os Nossos Textos de Inglês - 8º ano, turmas A e B

My first name is Joana , and my surname is Marreiros . I’m thirteen years old . I’m from Cuba , a small town in the south of Portugal , so I’m Portuguese. I live with my parents, my grandmother and my dog . I do ballroom dance in Capricho Bejense. I love to dance. My birthday is on May the first .
I am a taurus (the Bull).
Acording to my sign, I am strong calm and good humared. Sometimes, I am very angry. I try to lose my head. I like to work and I love my home. I am realist, practical and intelligent. My lucky number is four. My lucky colour is light blue. My lucky day is Friday. My favourite metal is Copper and my favourite stone is Sapphire.
I think my sign says the true about me because I’m strong , calm, good humored , I like to work and my home . I’m realist, practical and intelligent too. The only thing wrong with my sign is my favourite colour . My favourite colour is pink and not light blue.

Joana Marreiros 8ºA Nº13

Hi! My name is Margarida Marques Carriço, my birthday is on the 1st May 1995 and my place of birth is Beja, Portugal. I am a student!
I am small, I have brown eyes, blond hair, I sometimes have a difficult temperament, I lean and I cannot live without my friends!
I love to drawn, paint, music, cinema, sing, photography, speak, act and colour. I can say that have a tendency for the arts… My favourite music is wish you were here Pink Floyd, my favourite film is Pocahontas and The Pursuit of Happiness!
I love cats and dogs, and especially my cat Mr. Tobias…
I live with my mother, my father, my sister and my four grandparents. My mother is very funny and understandable she works in a cafe with my father. My father is very nice and friendly, always knows how to animate. My sister, for me is beautiful, I could not live without her!
I dream to go India because I love the culture.
Well… at the moment there is anything else happening that I can say. Bye, Kisses!

I love summer!

Hi! My name is Margarida Carriço and my birthday is on 1st May 1995. I live in Cuba, Portugal. I am Portuguese and, with pride!
My sign is Taurus (the bull). My sign says that I am strong, calm and animated, but sometimes, I get very, very, angry. Then I must thy not to lose my head! I live work and I love my home.
Well, in my view, yes, I am strong and animated but I am not calm. I don’t like to work, I love my home.
I love the arts world, I love to drawn paint, music, cinema, sing, photography, speak, act and colour.
My luck number is 1 (one), my metal is copper and my stone is sapphire, according to my sign but I disagreed with that because I don’t like silver and about the stone! I like diamonds, just a little crystal because they shinned a lot.
I am very connected to my friends but sometimes disappoint me. The most important people to me are my family!
Kisses and many hugs …

My name is Rita. I live in Cuba, Portugal. I speak Portuguese, English and French. My dad speaks Portuguese and English. He works in the Xerox. My mum works in Cubaconta.
I study Portuguese, English and Drama because they are useful for the future. At the weekend I play computer with my brother because he loves technology like me!
Hi! My name is Rita Vargas and I’m thirteen years old. I was born on 23 rd January 1995.
I’m Aquarius. The stars say things about me and, I believe or not, here, they stay some things.
They describe me as a little complicate; my problems and my qualities aren’t like others want but, like I want.
I am… intelligent (I have good marks at school), I can think quickly (it’s good for Maths!). I’m very sociable and it isn’t difficult to make friends.
Sometimes, I like to be alone and quiet (I don’t like confusion!).
I am: nervous, sometimes shy, proud, stressed, worried, big, polite, friendly, helpful, kind, funny, grown-up, happy, hard-working, nice, sometimes outgoing and mature…
My lucky number is 11 and my luck colour is light blue! My day is Thursday and my metal is uranium. My stone is amethyst.
I stay very nervous with some things that I’m not waiting. I am a dreamer and very determined. I am just happy and safe when I reach my goals.
So, this is what my sign says about me. I agree… Any of these adjectives describe me; as I am or how acting with my problems. How I’m with my friends and how I see life!

Bye, kiss
Rita Vargas - Nº10 - 8ºB

My name is Vítor. I live in Cuba, Portugal. I speak Portuguese at many places. My dad works in Beja and my mum works in Cuba. My favourite subjects are Science, Chemistry and English. I study them because they are interesting. In my freetime I like to play PC Games, listen to music and ride bike. I help my little sister Beatriz, because she is six years old and she is in first year. She loves Math and English too!

Vítor Caixeiro - Nº 15/ 8ºB

Hello! My name is Diogo and I'm thirteen years old.
I love music, my favourite music is: "D'black-sem ar".
I love rap music.
My favourite fruit is banana.
My favourite month is April.
My favourite number is eight.
My favourite colour is red.
My favourite food is pizza.
I love Simpson’s family, they are so funny!
I love athletics it is my favourite sport and hobby. I like to read books; my favourite book is "Papalagui".
I have a dog, is toffy. He is very funny.
I live in Cuba, in south of Portugal with my family and my friends.
My mother is Teresa, my brother is Duarte and my father is José.
My best friend is Luis, he is very funny. He is fourteen years old.
I am in E.B.I Fialho de Almeida in Cuba. I like school, but sometimes is boring.
I like English and maths but I hate Portuguese and French.
English is the most widespread.
My favourite country is the United Kingdom.
On Saturdays me and my friends go to the cinema.
On past Saturday we went to see the "sex and the city" it's a comedy film.
My favourite film is "Scary movie".


“All about me”

Hi! How are you?

My first name is Rita and my surname’s Vargas. I live in Cuba, in Portugal. I’m 13 years old and my date of birth is 23 rd January 1995. I’m in year 8 th.
I study in Cuba’s school. My favourite subjects are English and Drama. I always liked English and, now, I like it too.
I live with my parents and my brother. I love them. My parents are 39 years old and my brother is 16 years old.
My mum, Cândida, works in Cubaconta and my dad works in Xerox.
In the future, I would like to be a jornalist because I love, love, love... to write!
For me, friendship is the most important thing in my life, except, the family, of course.
I’m tall, sometimes i tis good, sometimes i tis bad!
I love animals and children, I love music and cinema.

The End! - Rita Vargas -Nº10 8ºB

My name’s Vítor. I’m thirteen. I live in Cuba, Portugal. I live with my mum, my dad and my sister. My mum is Maria. She’s thirty-nine. My dad is Francisco. He’s forty. My sister is Beatriz and she’s six. She’s in first year. She loves school! My favourite subjects are Science, Chemistry and English. My favourite season is Winter. But I like summer, too. In summer, I go with my friends ride a bike in the countryside. In the Winter, me and my friends play games and we go to the cinema. On spring’s afternoons, me and my grandmother go for a walk at the countryside. My favourite hobby is skating. I go skating with my friends four times a week. My favourite singer is Celine Dion. I love her songs. I like “Goodbye’s The Saddest World”, “A New Day Has Come”, “My Heart Will Go On”, and many more. My favourite movies are “Harry Potter” and “Beauty and The Beast”. I like comedy movies, too. In Summer nights, I go to my balcony to see the stars. They’re pretty. My favourite PC Game is “Sims 2”. It’s a simulation game. I have many pets: four birds, one hamster and one fish. On Wednesday’s afternoons, I go to the tennis with my friends Ana, Pedro, Rita e José. We like it. In my freetime, I like watching TV, listening to music and acting. At midday, in Thursday, I go to the Geography Club, with teacher Leonor Lázaro. I would like to go to the space to see different things wich I do not know from here. And I would like to make a journey around the world, to visit many places, to meet different cultures and see monuments and events. Well, it’s all about me…Bye!


Ana Cláudia disse…
Hey people! I liked your blog.

From Brazil
Anónimo disse…
I is not very good in english but this helped me me studing. thank you very much!!!<3
Anónimo disse…
I is not very good in english but this helped me me studing. thank you very much
LUISA disse…
Hey guys, good job!!!
this blog is very interesting!!
I wonder if they are the same kids who write these texts.

From Brazil

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